Trip Details

We understand that the Israel Ride can be a complicated endeavor. Please use the tools below to ensure that you are fully prepared. Many details of your trip including bike rentals, single room upgrades, and trip extensions booked through the Explority Form Portal.

General Ride Logistics


Please note – all participants receive an invitation to join Explority, an online portal with various forms and additional information about the Israel Ride.  Before the Israel Ride, each participant must complete the following forms in Explority:

  • General Logistics
  • Flight Details
  • Bicycle Details (riders only)
  • Housing Preferences

Forms on Explority can also be used to upgrade to single rooms, books guests, or register for a pre- or post-Ride trip.


Regardless of which cycling group you join, you need to train for the ride ahead of time. Visit our Training Tips section for guidance on how to prepare for the mileage, hills, and consecutive days of cycling.


The weather varies throughout the Ride. In the morning and evenings, it can be chilly, although it is often quite warm by noon. There is a chance of rain throughout the ride, which can create cold misty days. Layers are the key! Specialty cycling clothes, especially bike shorts, are strongly recommended for riding. Evening and Shabbat attire is very casual but should also be layered for warmth when needed. View our suggested Packing List.


You may bring one piece of luggage and possibly one smaller item, like a backpack. You may bring a laptop, but it must be transported in your regular luggage (padded among your clothes). The Israel Ride provides one jersey to every rider and we recommend bringing two additional jerseys. You do not need five complete sets of cycling clothing, and will not need much regular clothing. Laundry may or may not be available. View our suggested Packing List.


All participants must have a working cell phone in Israel for security purposes. The Israel Ride is proud to partner with local Israel companies to offer all participants a discount on a SIM card, cell phone rental, MiFi device and more. On the Ride, we will use a messaging app to communicate with participants.


Participants must carry personal health insurance to join the Israel Ride. From past experience, we know that US health insurance often does not cover medical expenses that are incurred overseas. Any medical costs incurred during the Ride will have to be paid by the participant. Because of this we recommend that every participant carry additional travelers insurance. While we cannot recommend a specific policy, this article may provide help in choosing one.


You are responsible to book and pay for your own international flights.

We recommend that you arrive in Israel by Monday evening, the day before the official start of the Ride. If you are bringing your own bike, you must arrive by 6 pm on Monday in order for the Ride to transport your bicycle case to Jerusalem.

You are responsible for your own transportation to Jerusalem before the ride starts. There are private taxis, shared “sherut” vans, and a high speed train from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem. We notify participants on the same incoming flights so they can arrange group transportation once in Israel if desired.

You must be at the hotel by noon on the first day of the Ride.

Please Note: Passports must be valid for 6 months after your return flight.


Included for each participant is a domestic flight from Eilat back north to Ben Gurion International Airport at the end of the Israel Ride. We can also book you on a bus to Jerusalem if desired. Please note on your flight form when you know your itinerary so we can properly book your transportation.

Your international departing flight from Ben Gurion Airport should be after 12 pm on Tuesday, October 31st.

We stay at a mix of hotels and kibbutz guest houses. Hotels have varying amenities such as pools, wifi, elevators, and shops in the lobby. Guesthouses are more spread out (motel-style), some with kitchenettes, some with shared bathrooms, all very comfortable.

The Israel Ride provides accommodations from Tuesday night, Oct 24 (just outside of Jerusalem) through Sunday night, October 29th (in the Arava valley). The ride concludes on Monday, October 30th, and participants are responsible for booking their own Monday evening accommodations.

The 2022 hotels are listed below. The 2023 details will be published closer to the Ride: (please note, some sites are in Hebrew)

  1. Tuesday – Jerusalem: Ramada & Royal Hotel
  2. Wednesday – Ashdod: Leonardo Hotel
  3. Thursday – Northern Negev: Tze’elim Kibbutz, Mashabei Sadeh Kibbutz, and Desert Iris
  4. Friday and Saturday (Shabbat) – Mitzpe Ramon: Isrotel Ramon Inn, and Ramon Suites
  5. Sunday – Arava Valley Kibbutzes: Yahel, Lotan, Keren Kolot, and Elifaz

On one night, riding groups will be split between multiple towns. If in different riding groups, spouses and partners will stay in separate locations but can request a particular roommate for that evening.

View our Fees and Fundraising page for fees associated with renting a bike or bringing your own bike.


If you are bringing your bike, you’ll need to disassemble it and pack it in a box or carrying box in order to check it as a piece of luggage (a local bike shop can help with this). There is often a set charge for flying with your bike – please check your airline about flying with bikes.

The Israel Ride contracts with a storage company located 10 minutes from Ben Gurion airport. Before the Ride, we will send out the contact information for the company. You can call the storage facility when you land to meet you and pick up your bike from you. A crew member of the Israel Ride may be available to help you in the airport. Our crew will drive all of the bikes to our starting hotel in Jerusalem. We will transport your bike box during the Ride.

At the end of the Ride, our mechanics will help disassemble and pack your bike. Our crew will then drive all of the bikes to the storage company, and you will be able to call the company to pick up your bike when you arrive at Ben Gurion airport for your departing international flight.


We have a limited number of Road bikes and Hybrid bikes available to rent for a fee. Our bikes are gently used and have good climbing gears. We cannot guarantee a specific make or model as we source rental bikes from a variety of vendors.

We are excited to be offering limited e-bike rentals for experienced E-Bike users for our Shomrim group on the Israel Ride. E-Bike rental requires advanced permission. Please email us if you are interested.

Add Ons & Upgrades


Accommodations on the Israel Ride begin on Tuesday night, October 24th, and continue through Monday morning, October 30th. If you would like to extend a booking before the Ride in Jerusalem you will be able to book that through the Ride using our forms portal Explority.


We welcome guests to join Riders over our relaxing Shabbat in Mitzpe Ramon, and are encouraged to join for all activities over Shabbat. Guests will be booked in the room with the participant they are visiting. View our Forms Portal to add a guest.

Guests must arrange and provide their own transportation; we do not provide transportation for guests, and guests are not allowed in staff or crew cars due to liability.


Standard accommodations throughout the Israel Ride is double occupancy, with occasional triple occupancy in larger suites.

Full-week singles are available for an upgrade fee of $950.

We offer a variety of additional, short-term programs before and after the Israel Ride each year.

Click here for more information.


  • East/West Jerusalem Tour: A day tour on Monday, October 23

In additional to the costs of the tours, participants will need to arrange accommodations in Jerusalem on Monday night.


We are offering a variety of tours after the Ride:

  • Immersive Experience at the Arava Institute: Tues-Wed, Oct 31, including overnight at Kibbutz Ketura
  • Petra and Wadi Rum: Tues-Wed, Oct 31-Nov 1, two days in Jordan including overnight near Petra
  • One-Day Petra : Tues, Oct 31, a day trip across the border to visit Petra.

Participants may need to arrange additional accommodations in Israel after their tour ends.